Papa’s Haricuts

(Click on picture to see larger size)

If at all possible, we try to line up our haircuts with our visits with my Dad.  I am able to cut all the boys hair, but cutting my own hair is a challenge.  I end up just using one size cutter for my whole head.  It does look even, but it could use a bit more than that at times.  Since papa and grandma were here last weekend, we decided to allow the boys hair to get pretty shaggy prior to their coming.  All three of them had pretty wisps of curls over their ears.  Spencer was first and only wimpered a few times.  Dakota was the strongest of them all and was even able to produce a smile during his haircut.  Ryan on the other hand cried from beginning to end.  These are the times I would take them and strap them down by using my leg or something, but Papa was a bit more gracious and was able to control Ryan despite his incessant crying.  The boys hair has never looked so good, but then again I kind of like the curls over their ears.  Once again we were able to save 60 some dollars by using the Sturgill Home Barbershop.


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