He’s getting there

sturgilllogo9-3.gifSpencer:  “Mom, how do you invite in your heart?” 

Linda:  “What?”

Spencer: “How do you pray in your heart?”

Linda:  “Oh, you mean inviting Jesus into your heart.  Is that what you are talking about?”

Spencer:  “Yea!”

Linda:  “Well, you thank Jesus for dying on the cross for your sins . . .”

Spencer: (interrupting Linda) “Thank you for dying on the cross for my sins.”

Linda:  “You need to tell Him that you know that you have sinned.”

Spencer:  (once again interrupting Linda) “I know that I’ve sinned.”

Linda:  “Wait Spencer.  Why do you need to do this?”

Spencer:  “I don’t want to go to hell!  Do you want me to go to hell!”

Linda:  “Of course I don’t want you to go to hell, but there is more to salvation than not going to hell (a little more explanation) . . . But you might then say, please be my Savior.”

Spencer:  “Please forgive me of my sins and be my savior . . . (with smug grin on face) . . . Molly, I prayed in my heart”

It’s hard to know someone’s motivation, but the very clear competitive spirit present between Molly and Spencer makes me think that the motivation might not yet be pure and sincere.  Either way, he’s getting there.

One thought on “He’s getting there

  1. I can’t wait to hear, “Ha! I beat you into heaven! Ha! Ha!” from some competitive people who’ve gone on before!

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