What? . . . Doesn’t Everyone Do This?


First, I reserved the right to post during my break.  Secondly, we finished the second coat of mud on the dry wall today, and I sanded everything that was dry enough this evening, and still had a little time to post this.

Sunday we were about to leave for church and all of a sudden a strong and rather unpleasant smell pervaded my senses as the boys traped into our room as I was getting ready for church.  Linda had already left to clean the nursery and I was taking all the kids with me.  I was thinking, “Hey, I bet someone in the nursery could change that diaper.”  Still I was curious to fugure which one of the boys had filled his pants.  The most effective way to figure out which one of the twins is poopy is to lift them up and smell them.  By the way, if you use the word “poopy” you probably quickly communicate that you have young children.  Probably when the boys are older I won’t ask if they are poopy.  “Hey Ryan, Congratulations on your college graduation, by the way do you have to go potty?  Are you poopy?” As I was checking the boys I thought to myself, “This might look odd to people who don’t have kids.”   

Lately we have been asking the boys if they are “poopy.” They are quick to point to one another and blame each other.  What is even more disturbing is that they have found it hilarious to point to me and say, “Daddy . . . poopy”  It’s great fun; they just laugh and laugh and laugh.  It never has been me by the way. 

That is the story behind this “cartoon.”

The “logo” that the boys are standing on in the cartoon is something I have been working on lately.  Do you have any suggestions?  Any changes I could make?  Here it is right side up so that you can see it a bit better . . .


2 thoughts on “What? . . . Doesn’t Everyone Do This?

  1. I want you to know I did have Gary look at the pictures of your basement. Also, who said you have to notify us of a break? I take breaks all the time, as some of you have probably recently noticed. No notification—-just took the break. Well, you always were the polite one in our family (Ha, Ha) All kidding aside, I pray that I will someday be able to visit your basement 🙂

  2. That’s the way I’ve seen workers in our nursery handle a “poopy” smell. And it does not look too professional to me, but it gets the job done. And after all, isn’t the saying, “The end justiify the means.”

    Again great cartoon!

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