No wonder I’m tired

A few days ago I was speaking to Linda about how tired I have been feeling lately.  I was confused about what might be making me more tired. I have been watching what I eat (avoid any sarcasm at this point about how I watch a lot of food) and I have been exercising.  Then it hit me, metaphorically . . . I have been coming home from work and almost immediately going to the basement to work on our “Brett and Ann Marie Guest Room.”  This has kept me busy for most of the evening.  As a result we have been going to bed much later for some reason – usually between 12 and 1 (a couple of nights a little later). 

As a result I have neglected some other things . . .  no carrying the kids on my back for the last week of so, I have failed to call back my family members (not because I don’t love them), I haven’t blogged much or read others blogs as much, and other activities. 

I would like to offer a couple of pictures so you can see the work that has been accomplished so far.  We are hoping to finish it all before Mom and Dad come in 3 weeks or so.  We don’t have a lot more to do, but I still feel a bit pressured to work every night.


3 thoughts on “No wonder I’m tired

  1. I can see why you are tried. I for one will miss you not blogging…but I truly understand why.

    I know your folks are looking forward to coming.
    Try and get some rest and we will all look forward to pictures of their visit.

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