A break . . . probably

As much as I have enjoyed blogging, I think I might take a break for at least two weeks if not for about a month.  I have tons to do right now, and at times I feel like I need to try to keep up with all of you.  Therefore, I will probably not post anything until after my parents visit at the beginning of April.  Don’t bind me to this though.  A couple cartoons have come to mind that I may not want to wait to work on.

One thought on “A break . . . probably

  1. I will miss your lively updates. But, I think we all agree real life is more important than virtual life, so I understand. I tried to give up blogging once, too…I’m addicted. But I don’t have 4 young kids, either! And our basement is no danger of being finished anytime soon.

    On the plus side, Brett and I are excited to have our name put on anything – even a guest room. Have you received the burnished bronze plaque we sent down with our names engraved? No? Hmmm…better get on that!

    See you in the blogopshere – when you’re feeling a little less pressure!

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