6 thoughts on “1:30-2:00 AM

  1. Sounds like our house lately…especially the “cough, cough, cough!” Do you think we will ever get a completel nights sleep? I don’t even remember what that is – I think it was 9 years ago!

  2. Are you shooing the kids out in that last panel? I can’t tell.

    All I could think about was Moses telling Pharoah – “Let my poeple go!”

    Perhaps your’s was, “Let me and your mother sleep!”

  3. I like the cartoon effects of the photos, and the story line…..and the…..I can’t think of other stuff…and the blogs new colors…? what?

  4. The last picture is especially amazing! You must have a great photographer to capture them lined up going down the hall so perfectly. We made you go in with Michael!

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