14 thoughts on “Order Your Copy Today!

  1. Linda, I don’t think you realized you married such a goofball. Isn’t it great?! Although, I think our husbands have a little too much time on their hands! My husband does neat things in his spare time, too, like calling our answering machine with his cell phone and pretending he’s darth vader as the answering machine puts out this demon-like feedback because of the reception. The kids think it’s great and they take turns leaving there own weird messages on the answering machine. Oh what fun! Anyway, I think “mommy” was right, you are missing a few kids there. 🙂

  2. That is way so cool..I don’t know what new found lingo to use at my age.

    I love seeing the four kids in the photo. Paint.Net is great. You sure are having fun with it.

    I would order a copy also.

  3. I don’t know why only one season. Probably because I don’t think I will probably make more than one cover.

    I have been thinking about putting together a Sturgill cartoon monthly or weekly. I came up with some fun ideas yesterday. I think I’ll try to put one together in the next week.

  4. Ok, Aaron. Two things. One, on the Brady Bunch, Carol is at the top and Mike is at the bottom. I checked it out when I was watching an episode yesterday. 🙂 Two, how do you do these creative drawing like things of your family????

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