I think mine are better

molly-portrait.jpg  mollyportrait.jpg 

spencer-portrait.jpg  spencerportrait.jpg

ryandakota.jpg  ryandakotaportrait.jpg  

Personally I don’t know why Linda persist on having “professionals” take our pictures.  I think the ones I have taken are much better and they are much cheaper.  If any of you would like to have me come and take pictures I would be willing to do that.  You would only have to pay the cost of my travels and a handsome amount for my professional creative skills, but the memories will last forever.

This whole time I have been assuming that you knew which ones were the “professionals” and which were mine.  For those who are unsure, my pictures are the truly professional pictures on the left side.

This is the twins 2 year old picture, Spencer’s 4 year old picture and Molly’s picture due to our patronizing her and not wanting her to feel bad that everyone else was getting a picture taken. 

6 thoughts on “I think mine are better

  1. I can’t wait to read Ann-Maire comment on who she would like to take her picture.

    Linda is right, of course, but then again it depends if you want to laugh at the picture or just say..”Look how cute they are!”

    I truly like trying to capture them when they are up to NO GOOD!

  2. Yep – definitely ALL Sturgills!

    NO doubt, Molly is your daughter. I can just imagine how she learned to make that face.

    We miss you guys! 🙂

  3. I must say they can not deny you are their father! I had to laugh at myself I was wondering why you had Shelly’s picture up — It was Molly!

    Spencer is you all over again. watch out world!

  4. I think the professional pictures turned out great and I take my hat off to Linda for going through all that work to get FOUR kids’ pictures taken. BUT, Aaron, you did a great job too and you can come here and take pictures of our kids any time you want to 🙂

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