That Balloon Lasted A While

Linda took the kids down to a mall near Uncle Barry and Aunt Sandy.  While they were playing in the play area, Barry took a short video clip. 

“You can play with it here.  I just don’t want someone to break it.”  This is Sandy’s opening line in the video.  How ironic.  Maybe she should have said, “go give it to someone else, they might not break it as fast as you would.” 

Dakota’s response is just about as ironic . . . His balloon breaks, he hands the discarded waste to Sandy and heads out to find someone elses balloon.  That’s my boy. 

5 thoughts on “That Balloon Lasted A While

  1. So, who’s laughing sadistically in the background? I have to say…it sounds like exactly what I imagine Brett would have done! 🙂

  2. The laughing I mean, not breaking the balloon – because, let’s face it, if he leaned on the ballon like Dakota, the balloon would have popped a lot faster.

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