We All Ought to Be Theologians

The question was posed to me yesterday, “What is a theologian?  Is a theologian someone who studies primarily the Bible or someone who studies the beliefs of other men?” 

The question seems to reflect a mentality that I have seen prevalent among some groups of Christians; that being, that theology is only studied by pastors and avid laymen.  Some may even go so far as to think that those who study theology usually become cold and unevangelistic Christians.  They would claim that theology is impractical and results in arrogance.

While I understand there thought process, I would disagree. 

First, theology is the basis for all practice.  Every Christian practice is the outcome of a theological position.  While one may not think they are theological, they are in essence espousing a theology whenever they perform a Christian practice. 

Secondly . . . I understand that the study of the person of God would be titled “theology proper” in a school setting; nonetheless, “theology” is the study of God.  Our text book for studying God is the Bible.  Therefore, Theology, simply stated is the study of God primarily through a study of His Word. 

As believers our ultimate goal ought to be to glorify God in every action of our lives.  We do that by reflecting or declaring His character.  If we are going to reflect and declare His character, we must know Him.  If we are to know Him, we must study and meditate on His Word.

Every believer desiring to glorify God should strive to know God by studying the Word of God.  This is the essence of theology, and this is why every believer should be a theologian.

2 thoughts on “We All Ought to Be Theologians

  1. You sound like my husband!

    You are right, too. We should all be theologians. The term gets a bad rap…at least, I know it did when I was in college.

  2. Aaron, Great Post!

    So many are not grounded in the Word and therefore they don’t realize the true knowledge of God…for if they did, their lives would show it. There is so much about God that as believers, we do need to know His Word.

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