The First Snow Family of the Year


Linda was determined to make a snowman with Molly and Spencer as soon as the boys went down for their naps.  She was wanting to make one snow man but as the event went on, Molly and Spencer convinced her to make a family.  The buttons and smiles wouldn’t stay on so Linda went in to get some toothpicks to help hold them up.  As they finished their creations, they went back inside to find Dakota and Ryan not quite sleeping.  In fact, Linda went into the room and found one of the under the bed storage boxes pulled up to the light switch.  This was used to turn both the fan and the light on.  They needed the light on so they could see into the closet to pull every shoe out and spread them all over the room.  Dakota was walking around in one of them. All of the blankets and stuffed animals were as well covering the floor.  With a stern command, Linda demanded that they get back into bed and go to sleep, which they did for about 45 minutes. 

As the next day drew near, the beautiful snow family had a headless father and melted face mother and child, due to the rain.  I think it would have been humorous to have a picture of that as well. 

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