Twins Birthday

It was the twins birthday yesterday.  Since we would be going to church in later in the evening, we had a birthday party as soon as I got home from work.  First we opened up their presents (a race car bed, a little barnie rubble car, big balls, and new pillow sheets from grandma) and then we had the cake.  As you can see, we stripped the boys down to their diapers so that if they made a mess, it would be easier to clean up.  As I look at their cute bellies I wonder why mine doesn’t look as cute.  They can stick theirs out as far as they want and it looks cute, yet when I do that it’s not.  Why is that?  Don’t feel obligated to answer that question.  I would prefer to live in ignorance and continue to think my belly is cute. 

They had a few other presents to open from Grandpa McGarvah as well when we returned home from church.  Over all they had a wonderful time.   

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