My First Wedding

Fowler Wedding

Fowler Wedding

A little over a week ago, Linda and I took the kids back to Plover Wisconsin to officiate my first wedding as a pastor.  When we were living in Wisconsin, we had the sneaking suspicion that these two teens might get married in the not so distant future.  Over the two years while we were gone, their relationship developed and there they are – now married.

It was a true honor to be asked by them to perform the ceremony.  I was a bit nervous, seeing that this was my first wedding ceremony.  What concerned me the most was the thought of what I might not know to do which would then result in two years down the road, them finding out they weren’t really married. 

I think we took care of everything.  There weren’t any significant problems in the ceremony, but I did place my notes in the wrong order for my charge to them, so I got a bit confused when I turned the page and it was the wrong page.  Other than that, nothing happened that would keep them from accomplishing the task of marriage.  At the end of the day, they were married and that was really the most important part.

Following the pig roast, which was there reception, we traveled back to Watertown for the night, only to drive back to Michigan the next morning.

Alot of driving, but it was well worth it to be part of their day. 

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