That is a huge pile of leaves!




We have only one small tree in our yard.  There are a few across the street and some of their leaves were able to free themselves and make their way over to the Sturgill party house.  We were able to collect all of them from our front yard, and we made this huge pile.  The pile is in the middle of the picture.  The boys are covering most of it. 

We did plant a tree last year and its leaf did fall down, but immediately blew away.  This picture was taken yesterday, and it is a good thing that we got out and raked yesterday, because today it snowed. No, there was not enough to make a snow man, but it did snow and it is supposed to snow a few more days this week.  Who knows we may be able to shovel all the snow in our yard and drive and make as big a pile as our leaves made.

5 thoughts on “That is a huge pile of leaves!

  1. I love the pictures! That is one thing I miss, being in CA; we don’t get to rake leaves. And, they make the best pictures too. Hey, I got a message in my blog from the “Sturgill Crew”, is that you????

  2. We love leaves, too! I’m so glad the boys got the chance to jump in a pile of leaves. That’s always a fun childhood memory. They threatened snow here, too, but we’ve not seen any flakes yet. I’m hoping for a little more fall before winter.

    Cute photo! Say hi to the amazing Linda. I miss her! (And you, too, of course!)

  3. AARON, DOES LINDA READ OUR BLOGS. I would love to hear from her. Is she ever have time to comment? I have picutures of Grandma on the last blog.

    Love the picture…fall is so short.
    Love, AJ

  4. SNOW!!!! No way! I am not ready for that 🙂 Maybe living further south does have its advantages. Miss you guys so much. Have fun next week in WI

  5. Linda and Aaron I owe you an apology. AJ is for Aunt Juliet not Ann-Marie Joy. The post on Nov 8th was my comment not Ann-Marie’s. It’s just when I did a post of Aaron’s Mom going to Door County, I thought her thoughtful son would make a comment. How foolish of me:). But I know that you as a women would have made a comment.
    So forgive me. Love, Aunt Juliet

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