I Love my Cousin!


To Mackenzie,

Love you. Our family is waiting to see you.  We miss you.  We love you.  I got a bunch of clothes.  I found this dress in the box.  I have the same skirt as you.  I saw you, your dress in your closet.  I love you as far as the moon.  I’m thankful for everything you give me.  I’m praying for you.  Is your arm better?  We really want you to come to our house.  I hope all our family (papa and grandma and our cousins) can come to our house.  Love you.


3 thoughts on “I Love my Cousin!

  1. Aaron, that is SO sweet! I can’t wait for Mackenzie to wake up tomorrow and I can show this to her. Well, I guess that I can wait, but I am excited to show this to her. Any chance that you are going to be able to come for any days around Christmas? We really miss you guys!

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