And I thought I had big lips . . .


Our next door neighbor came over Tuesday with a pre-Halloween gift.  They have candy for the kids for Wednesday night but she thought they might enjoy a little pre-Halloween treat.  She gave each of them a basket full of fun little gifts.  They each got a flash light, some socks, slinky, and other assorted Halloween periphernilia.  The highlight, at least that evening, was the sucker lips that they each received.  We decided that taking a bath with these might be the best way to go.  The last time the boys had sucker like these they were significantly drenched with drool on their clothes as they stood outside playing and sucking.

Spencer is a bit scary.  I’m not exactly sure why he looks that way.  I had some better pictures of him, but I thought this one was appropriate due to the whole Halloween, scary face type look.

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