My logical decision . . .

Molly came in the room and said, “Daddy, I’m scared. I can’t sleep”  All the logic that I shared a day or so ago flooded through my mind and I quickly decided to tell, “get in bed.”  I had her sleep next to Linda and I put my head at the end of the bed so that we both had a little more room.  This is similar to our normal Sunday afternoon nap.  Linda will sleep with one of them on one side and I sleep with the other at the foot of the bed.  Molly and Spencer fill the middle of the bed, I take up most of the foot of the bed, and Linda sleeps at the head of the bed.  It is not ideal, but it works for our short naps.  This paradigm was applied to my decision that evening.  I recall that the decision did not allow for the most comfortable sleep, but it was ok. 

Since all of you seemed to think that I would get up and get her mattress and bring it to the bed room, I will tell you that that is what happened last night.  Linda and I had just gone to bed and Molly came in, I wasn’t asleep yet, so I just got up and got her mattress. 

There you have it.

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