Logic at 2:00 a.m.

I meant to write a blog following the evening with the kids sleeping in the living room.  The next day I showed you a picture of the kids all spread out after having told you about how they seem to cuddle with one another.  Later that evening Molly came into our room and was scared to sleep in the living room.  The problem with that was that her mattress was out in the living room, so her options were not as comfortable as normal.  It was late / early and I had to actually think through what I wanted to do.  This was a problem in and of itself, but the following were my possible choices . . .

1)  I can act like I’m sleeping and let her do whatever she wants.

2)  I can tell her to go back to bed and quit bothering me.

3)  I can tell her to get into bed with us.

4)  I could carry her into the living room and sleep on the couch for a while until she fell asleep.

5)  I could get up and go get her mattress in the living room and bring it in our room so she could sleep on it.

6)  I could wake up Linda and tell her to do something about it.

While all the above are viable options and have probably happened at some point in the past, I was still confronted with problems with each possible option . . .

1)  I had already woken up and I can’t sleep well if I don’t think she (Molly) is comforable.  If I knew she was sleeping on the floor, I would struggle sleeping.  She would have probably been fine, but I just don’t want her to have to sleep on the floor.

2)  This option although the first choice for my flesh is a bit heartless for even me.

3)  She’s too big to sleep with us.  We have a queen size bed and there is just not enough room for a 5 year old sleeping between us, and yes, she would have to sleep between us.  If she didn’t sleep between us she would fall out of bed.  My knowledge of the possibility of her falling out of bed would keep me from sleeping well.

4)  This would involve me getting up.  That is a problem in and of itself.  I would also have to stay in the living room for a while.  This is not a viable option since there is no fan in the living room and I can’t sleep without a fan.  Therefore I would lay on the couch for a long time hoping that she would fall asleep. 

5)  While this option would allow me to go to sleep shortly after and remain in my comfortable spot, I would have to get up and go get her mattress.  The way the boys sleep who knows who would be on her mattress and who might wake up if I started moving mattresses around.  The concerns of waking up someone else is about equally disturbing as the idea of having to carry her mattress into our room at that point in the night. 

6)  While this appeals the most to my selfishness, and while I do struggle being selfish at times like this, this didn’t seem to be the best option.  If Linda acts like she is getting up first and chooses to deal with the problem, I have no problem going back to bed.  If I have been confronted with the problem, I don’t feel like I can wake her up to deal with it.

I would like to pose a question to you . . . Which one do you think I did?

I ask this question for a few reasons . . .

1)  Interaction is fun

2)  I want an increase in my comments.

3)  I need to stretch out my blog ideas so that I can come up with more of them.  This will give me something to blog on tomorrow or Saturday.

6 thoughts on “Logic at 2:00 a.m.

  1. Ok, I can’t believe you actually did not tell us which one you did. But…….knowing you and loving you as I do, I figure if you actually put that much thought process in the whole thing…..you probably did the most notable thing. Did you get up and get her mattress? I think you did this because it is inconvenient, temporarily, but brings the quickest and most soothing result—back to bed ASAP. So???????????

  2. After thinking on a bit more—-I do have one more possibility. You did something, not included on the list of options. A unique “Aaron” solution!

    I now have two comments on this one topic. How am I doing for getting your comment volume increased? 🙂

  3. All right! All of this thinking….How long did it take you and while you were thinking what was Molly doing? And in the time it took you to think of all the possibilities you could have already had the situation taken care of….really! ANy ways I’m wiht Michelle on both points (the mattress and the Aaron answer)

  4. OK, I think that you did #5 – bring the mattress into your room. I have to ask you…is Linda a deep sleeper or is she just a good faker? I huff and puff really loud, hoping to wake Michael up, but I think he is just a good faker 🙂

  5. Aaron and Linda…Have you ever read my blog…I have one of your Mother, Betty, Jackie and I going to Door County. Did you see the 3 sets of slides that were included? It’s entitled BJ’s Getaway.

    Well, my answer would be 3…if you were tired, you may have just told her to go back to bed..and of course she would do just that.
    Love AJ

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