We’re Close Knit . . . Sometimes


As soon as I was done typing the last blog last evening, I went out to the living room to check on the kids.  This is the way I found them.  I found it somewhat ironic having just posted about how they seem to cuddle with one another.  Apparently they like their space at times as well.

4 thoughts on “We’re Close Knit . . . Sometimes

  1. Aaron, I just found your blog via Danielle and Mike’s. Your mom told me I HAD to check it out.:-)
    Your kids are adorable–I had no idea you had 4!!! I wish my kids would fall asleep like that….they would just wrestle with each other all night!
    –Sarah (Clucas) Caucutt

  2. This is SO cute – it’s like the beginning of that ten little monkeys song…when they all roll over and someone falls out!

  3. Hey! I love those blankets..PLEASE tell me that Linda didn’t make them. If she did make them, then I am just going to have to send her some of my housework that I can’t seem to get done!

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