Spencer, the Consistent Tattle-Tale

Spencer has displayed to us that he has an afinity to justice.  He is quick to share with us the wrong doings of all those in our home.  Often my initial response is to do nothing because his tattle-taling bothers me.  Often though I have to deal with it to some degree.  We can’t just keep letting Dakota bite Ryan’s hand (that happened twice today). 

Spencer, today, displayed that he is not immune to his own sense of justice. . . I was sitting on the couch this morning playing with the boys (I think I was playing with the boys, it just sounds better to say I was playing with them than to say that I was sitting lazily on the couch).  Whatever the reason, Spencer approached me and looked up at me with pure pitty in his eyes and announced that he wouldn’t write on his bedroom closet door anymore. “Daddy, I won’t write on my closet anymore.”  My first response was, “Great!”  Then I came to the realization that there was a reason for his telling me and I inquired a little further.  “Spencer, did you just write on the closet?” “Yes, but I won’t do it anymore.”  We walked into his bedroom and there were only two small pen marks on the closet door.  They came out pretty easily. 

“Spencer, why did you write on the closet door?”  “Well, because . . . because, well, because . . . well because”  That was enough for me to understand his motivation. 

3 thoughts on “Spencer, the Consistent Tattle-Tale

  1. Yeah, so um…I won’t offer your kids chocolate ice cream anymore.

    ‘Cause we did last time, and I’ll bet you guys are still cleaning them up!

    I’m now officially tattling on myself!

    Oh, and at least now we know WHO wrote on all our closets! LOL!

  2. Wesley used to tattle on himself all the time in first grade; his school teacher loved it. Just so you know, it has worn out a bit. I think Spencer just has a sensitivity……oh, no…..a sensitive little boy…..what are you going to do about that Aaron 🙂

  3. Thank the Lord for a sensitive heart! I have to admit that I hate tattle-taling too. The hard thing about having several small children is that you count on the tattle-talers to help keep you informed about what is happening. I struggle with telling them not to tattle and being thankful that they do, so I can get to the crime scene fast 🙂

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