We Don’t Need No Training Wheels!

little-bike-small.gifToday, Linda and the kids came over to church for the Ladies Bible Study, and then I joined them for lunch in our fellowship hall.  A few days ago Pastor Church brought over this little bike and thought that our kids might enjoy playing with it, so this afternoon during bible study and during lunch the kids, especially Spencer and Molly, played with this little bike. 

You will notice that this little bike has rather large wheels but no training wheels.  Well this must have got the kids to thinking, “If we can ride this bike with no training wheels, I bet we can ride our bikes at home with no training wheels. 

Shortly after they got home, I received a call.  They put me on speaker phone and they were both yelling to me that they were on their bikes without the training wheels on.  Because their bikes are pretty short they were able to keep themselves from falling when they lost their balance.  Therefore, the first day that they tried to ride their bikes with no training wheels, they were victorious.  I will have to admit that Spencer got it better than Molly. 

I took a short video of them riding down our road.  Enjoy! or don’t watch it . . . either way. You can watch it on the VodPod to the right.  It is titled “1st day of no training wheels.”

2 thoughts on “We Don’t Need No Training Wheels!

  1. I was hoping to see a video of Linda riding with no training wheels 🙂 Great job, Molly and Spencer!!! That is exactly how our kids learned how to ride – we lowered their seats so they could balance by touching down with their feet. Thanks or posting a video of the big event

  2. You may not need training wheels, but SOMEBODY needs a grammar lesson! Ha! Ha! LOL!

    JK, you guys are my BFF! I love it that the kids are becoming more independent.

    Pretty soon they’ll be driving cars!

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