When Molly Dresses Herself

Molly Clash DayWe have often been told that children as they grow older need to begin making decisions for themselves.  One of those areas of decision making is dress.  We believe Molly has grown enough to make wise decisions concerning her dress so this morning she was able to dress herself.  Apparently she still needs her mother’s help . . . Actually, this was the first day of Spirit week at school and she had to clash.  This particular outfit is her father’s fault, while the socks and hair are due to her mother’s genius.  We truly do love this girl, but we do look forward to the times that we can embarrass her.  She was not as excited to look this way as we were to dress her up this way.  She was fine as soon as Linda picked up the other girls for school and they looked as bizarre. 

I think the real fun comes when one of us picks her up from the bus at Meijer’s this afternoon and then have the joy of telling the girls that we have a few things we need to pick up before we go home.  I’m sure they would love walking around Meijers looking like this.  In all reality, I wouldn’t want to be seen walking around Meijers with them looking like this.

5 thoughts on “When Molly Dresses Herself

  1. I can’t wait to show Mackenzie this picture tomorrow. I know she will say that she likes Molly’s outfit. Our kids are always embarrassed to dress up for events, too. But once they get with their friends, they wish they would have done more 🙂 Miss you guys TONS!

  2. I love the outfit (and next, I want to see a picture of Ann-marie in the same thing:) Seriously, as I was reading, I really thought Molly was just learning to dress herself—you had me going.

    Aaron, how do you get your pictures cut-out like that????

  3. I downloaded a free ware program called paint.net. You can do a lot of fun things with pictures. I’m still trying to figure out all the details. Simply stated, I open a picture in that software and delete everything but the person. You could get the software and look at it. That would probably answer a lot of questions. It is not a professional software, but it is fun for people like us.

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