Which picture?

These were the other two options.  Which one should I have as the picture on the blog?



What is kind of funny . . . I was trying to hold Dakota down because I thought it would look funny in the picture and the whole time we were waiting for the timer he was trying to lift his head and say,  “cheese.”  That is why I am actually pushing him down.  In real life I was just pushing him over the couch not into the water.  I think it is important that you all understand that.

2 thoughts on “Which picture?

  1. I like the one at the top. You’re just not the type to hold your kid under water (or under couch, in this instance).

  2. Bryce saw those pictures and he said, “Why is that guy holding that baby under the water?” I said, “Well, that ‘guy’ is your Uncle Aaron and he is just being goofy like normal!”

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