Lazy Adult vs. Hyper Children

I’m a good father . . . At least I want to be.  Part of being a good father, I have been told, is playing with your children.  While it seems clear to many that a father must play, it is not quite as clear as to what that might look like.  I doubt that many would disagree that children are likely to have much more energy than their parents.  By the end of the day many, not all, parents want to relax in a nive plush chair after having eaten a full meal.  I on the other hand, am a good father.  My children request to spend time with me and I bend to their sovereign control in our home.  Weeks ago we had a fairly long pillow fight.  Molly and Spencer recalled this evening with great joy and desire and wanted to relive it.

It might be appropriate at this point to once again direct our focus to the title, “Lazy adult.”  In my state of longing for relaxation I began to tackly my children and lay on them.  They thought that it was fun to try to get out from under me and I was able to just lay there.  After some time we moved to the couch.  The same principle was followed but I was able to sit down.  Molly and Spencer would attempt to hit me or jump on me and I would push them down with my feet and then hold them down for a while until they squirmed out and then the process would start over again.

Most of the time this game was safe.  On a few occasions I knocked them around a bit, but only once did Molly actually do an entire flip in the air.  Quickly she began to cry and immediately following, Spencer began what I can only imagine was a sympathetic cry.  Seconds later they were up and we were at it again.

The evening had remained fairly controlled and safe until spencer began throwing his toy balls at me.  I suppose it was my own fault.  I did keep pushing him away from me.  This slight twist to our game was short lived for two reasons.  The first, Ryan walked out of the room carrying a full size basketball and proceeded to throw it at me.  Due to the fact that the ball is twice the size of his head, his throw was more like a drop in my lap.  Secondly, I grabbed a ball to throw back (at) Spencer.  It was a small rubber ball, but it still covered a majority of Spencer’s face as it hit him straight in the nose.  It may not have been as bad except for the fact that he was running as fast as he could straight at me.

Imagine the injuries if I hadn’t been lazy.

5 thoughts on “Lazy Adult vs. Hyper Children

  1. The boat took a while. I’m not sure how to explain it. I got an freeware editing program on my computer. I took a picture of a boat, another picture of the ocean and a picture of our family behind our couch and put them all together.

  2. This is where being an only child has me at a disadvantage.

    I remember when you and Linda visited us. Molly was a toddler, and Spencer had just been born. You threw one of my living room pillows at Molly, and she did a complete flip backward. As I gasped, I quickly found myself relieved as Molly went right side up, giggled her cute little head off, and wanted you to do it again.

    What I think, Aaron, is that your kids are fortunate to have a dad who wants to play with them. I have to say you’re one of the best “dads” I know. You and Paul Rehfeldt are always the ones I talk about when I’m tallking about good dads!

  3. You crack me up! You and your brother are definitly alike when it comes to playing with the kids…make ’em tough! 🙂

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