The Burggraff Family Visit


(Anna, Andrew, Molly, Aaron, Dakota, Spencer, Ryan)


We had some of our dear friends stop by on their way through today.  The Burggraffs were visiting some family in Michigan and were on their way to Toronto to visit Phil and Tia (Andy’s brother).  We only had a few hours to spend with them, but we always look forward to the little moments we have.  Due to their family living in Saginaw, we are able to see them at least once a year.  Our few hours were packed with conversation as we filled each other in on our lives and ministries.  We both have namesakes for each other.  Ryan Andrew (on Linda’s lap) was named after Andy and their Aaron (on Molly’s lap) was named after me.  We have big plans of getting Molly and Andrew (on Andy’s lap) married 20 years down the road, but we’ll see how that goes.

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