I have a legacy!

ketchup tshirtryan with ketchup

I received the ketchup shirt from my sister in law.  While in all reality most of my kids seem to possess some of the oddities of their father, a love for ketchup is surely one of them.  Spencer is the exception.  He likes very few condiments.  The rest of the kids on the other hand love ketchup.  Dakota scoops up the ketchup and eats it alone and then grunts for more.  While Ryan likes ketchup he is a little less careful with where it lands.  The encouragement in all of this is that there is at least one thing we can always agree on.  “It’s dinner, where’s the ketchup?”

2 thoughts on “I have a legacy!

  1. This is so true! I remember you putting ketchup on eggs, sandwiches, mashed potatoes……and the ordinary burgers and fries. You are also a legacy to your nephew—Andrew is the same way. Hey, at least it is fat free 🙂

  2. Hey, Aaron,
    Tina (Hawk) Powers here! I linked over here from Michelle’s blog. It looks like you have lots of fun at your house! Hang in there. You’ll be able to eat in public again someday – I promise. It may be a while, but it will happen!

    I don’t know if Ryan knows that you have blog so I will let him know. The Hawk family has a blog – http://abbydog-hawk.blogspot.com/ It has tidbits from everybody’s families. Ryan doesn’t post much but maybe if you nag him for some updates he’ll add some!

    I’ll be back to check in occasionally!

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